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This index follows order of books in Bible

Genesis 6 - Noah

Genesis 8 - Rainbow (double rainbow in Victoria, Australia)

Exodus 14.15 The crossing of the Sea of Reeds - powerpoint presentation using scientific findings

Psalm 23.4 Though I walk through a dangerous place

Mark 2.1  The sick man lowered through the roof

Matthew 1.25  Joseph holding baby Jesus

Matthew 8.1  "I heal lepers, not leopards"

Matthew 12.46 The brothers of Jesus

Matthew 13.55 The Carpenter's Son

Matthew 19.14  Let the little children come to me - wall photo in Jordan, HK

Matthew 19.14 Let the little children come to me  

Matthew 27.45 The Crucifixion, in sand

Matthew 27.50 The site of Calvary today in Jerusalem

Mark 3.7-12 Jesus heals many sick people

Mark 1.29-39  Jesus heals many sick people

Mark 8.1-10  The second miracle of the loaves & fish

Luke 2.1 The Nativity - children's picture

Luke 2.16  The shepherds adore the baby Jesus

Luke 2.51  Nazareth

Luke 4.1-13  Jesus is tempted in the wilderness

Luke 7.36  The woman anointing Jesus' feet

Luke 18.9-14  The Pharisee and the publican

John 1.1 The Word    and also  John 1.1  In the beginning was the Word

John 1.14 The Word became flesh

John 3.5-7 Born Again

John 3.13-14  Jesus must be lifted up

John 3.16 - Valentine's Day 

John 4.10  Living water

John 6.35  Jesus is the Bread of Life

John 7.37 Spirit-Thirst

John 8.1-11  The woman caught in adultery

John 13.1 The Last Supper - apostles = poor children

John 13.2 The Last Supper, in sand

John 16.20  Your sorrow will turn to joy

John 19.28    I thirst

John 21.15   Do you love me?

Acts 2.3  The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

Galatians 2.20 Christ Inside

Philippians 2:2,6-11   The Philippians Hymn

Colossians 1.27: Christ within you

Hebrews 7.28 Jesus = Perfection