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Australia: Australian Churches (including Australian Chinese Churches)  
Australia: CathNews (free daily email news service)

Bible: Audio Bible Online - listen to the Bible! (great for learning English - read & listen at the same time, on screen!)

Bible: Bible Gateway - search for any Bible words/passages, in many languages!
Bible: Bible Quiz Links (dozens of Bible Quiz sites!)

Bible: Chinese Bible On-Line

Bible: Chinese Characters - some of them derived from early Bible stories?  Fascinating...

Bible: Daily Manna: Daily Bible reflections
Bible: Logos Research Systems - Bible software
Bible: English Bible On-line (New International Version, NIV)

Bible: Textweek: Sunday Readings & Worship

Cambodia: Home Page of Fr Charlie Dittmeier
Canada: Anglican Diocese of Montreal: Christian resources + excellent commentaries on Sunday readings

Catholic Church: American Catholic: Catholic resources
Catholic Church: Australia: The Catholic Leader (Brisbane) 
Catholic Church: Catechism (teaching) of the Catholic Church
Catholic Church: Catholic News Service
Catholic Church: Catholic Online "On the Web" Index: Catholic resources (huge!)
Catholic Church:  Huge list of Catholic links - excellent

Catholic Church: Centre of Concern: Justice & Peace

Catholic Church - Chinese sites:

1. Apologetics
2. Bible Methods – How to use & read bible
3. Bible Sharing Skills
4. Evangelization Skills「傳福音技巧」中文網頁 
5. Preaching Skills
6. Spiritual Leadership
7. Response to Mormons
「我看 耶穌基督後期聖徒教會(摩門教)」中文網頁
8. Response to Jehovah’s Witnesses「我看 耶和華見證人」中文網頁  
9. Faith Q&A

Catholic Church: Christus Rex: Holy Land; Prayers; Catholic resources/sites
Catholic Church: Evangelisation: I.C.P.E.
Catholic Church: EWTN - Mother Angelica

Catholic Church: Frontline - Pope John Paul 2

Catholic Church: Hong Kong Diocese
Catholic Church: Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation (DOLF)
Catholic Church: Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Students
Catholic Church: Hong Kong Media Centre  
Catholic Church: Hong Kong - School of Evangelization

Catholic Church: KSM Radio  

Catholic Church: Parish-Without-Borders: sharing of experiences
Catholic Church: Radio Maria, Catholic Radio Station - 24 hours!  

Catholic Church: Shalom Place Christian Resources
Catholic Church: The Vatican: The Holy See - Pope Benedict
Catholic Church: UCAN News
Catholic Church: Zenit - News from Rome
Christian Clip Art/Graphics - excellent

Jehovah Witnesses: Beacon Light for Former JW's
Mormons: Mormon Research Ministry 
Oblates of Mary Immaculate  
Pray the News   
Storywise: Reports from around the world
UK: Premier Christian Radio - UK's No. 1 Christian Website
Vietnamese: Vietnamese Catholic Network