1 Timothy

Chapter 1 (1 - 10)

From Paul, apostle of Christ Jesus, to Timothy, true child of mine in the faith. I  wish you grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ

Please stay at Ephesus and insist that no one teaches misleading doctrines or empty speculation about the Law of God

As a penal code, the aim of the Law is to make provision not for good people but for offenders: for murderers, for people who are immoral with women or with boys or with men, for liars and for perjurers
 - and for everything else that is contrary to sound teaching

Jesus, please help law offenders not to offend again,
and to make up for what they have done


Chapter 1 (12 - 17)

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who called me into his service,
even though I was an offender

Mercy was shown me, because I was acting in ignorance

Christ Jesus came into the world to save offenders.
I myself am the greatest offender

Christ Jesus' patience and mercy to me is available to all offenders.
I am a demonstration model of Christ's mercy

To the eternal King, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen


Chapter 1.18 - 2.8

Timothy, my son, as I give you advice for practical issues, remember how the church elders prayed over you that you would be a good leader

My first bit of advice is that there should be prayers offered for everyone, especially for kings and others in authority, so that we can live our life of faith in peace and quiet

God wants everyone to be saved and reach full knowledge of the truth

There is only one God, and there is only one mediator between God and humanity, himself a man, Christ Jesus, who sacrificed himself as a ransom for everyone

In every place, I want believers to lift up their hands in reverent prayer

God our Father, through Jesus your Son, I ask a blessing on the leaders of our world, especially the leaders of my own country


Chapter 3 (1 - 15)

To want to be a presiding elder is to want to do a noble work.
That is why the president must be above reproach:

He must not have been married more than once. He must be temperate, discreet, courteous, hospitable, a good teacher, not a heavy drinker, not hot-tempered, but kind and peaceable

He must not be a lover of money. He must be a man who manages his family well and brings up his children well.

How could anyone who can't manage his own  family
be given responsibility to manage God's family?

He should not be a new convert in case he becomes full of pride

The Church of the living God is God's family.
The Church is the guardian of the truth

Jesus, please give the Church good leaders


Chapter 4 (1 - 7)

Don't be surprised if some people come up with strange ideas about how to live life. Satan and his friends are always trying to sow lies and deception in the Lord's field of truth

Have nothing to do with strange ideas like "marriage is forbidden" or "you are not allowed to eat certain foods"

Everything God made is good, and no food is to be rejected, provided grace is said for it. The word of God and prayer make food holy

Jesus, please help me remember to say a little prayer before I eat


Chapter 4 (8 - 10)

It's good to keep fit physically, and even more important to keep fit spiritually

We have put our trust in the living God. He is the savior of the whole human race, especially of believers

Jesus, may I keep fit, physically and spiritually


Chapter 4 (12 - 16)

Do not let people disregard you because you are young.
Be an example to all the believers in the way you speak and act

You have in you a spiritual gift which was given you when the church  elders prayed over you with the laying on of hands.
Do not let this gift go unused

Take great care about what you do and what you teach.
In this way you will save both yourself and those who listen to you

Jesus, help me be a good example to other people


Chapter 5 (1 - 14)

Do not speak harshly to a man older than yourself, but advise him as you would your own father. Treat younger men as brothers.

Treat older women as you would your mother. Treat younger women with propriety, as if they were your sisters

Be considerate to widows. If a widow wishes to be enrolled as a church worker, she must be at least 60 years old, the wife of one husband

As regards young widows, it's best if they re-marry

Jesus, help church workers to be kind and caring


Chapter 5 (19 - 23)

Never accept an accusation brought against a church elder unless it is supported by two or three witnesses. If an elder is at fault, reprimand him publicly as a warning to others

Be fair to everyone and never be influenced by favoritism

As regards your frequent illnesses, I suggest you give up drinking only water, and have a little wine for the sake of your digestion

Jesus, help church workers to be fair and impartial


Chapter 6 (3 - 10)

Some people, because of ignorance and pride, have a craze for questioning and arguing about everything

Such a craze breeds jealousy and mistrust and unending disputes

People who have a craving to be wealthy are a prey to temptation.
They get trapped into all sorts of foolish and dangerous schemes which ruin their lives

The love of money is the root of all evils. It can cause people to leave the faith

Jesus, help me be content with a simple lifestyle


Chapter 6 (11 - 13)

As a man of God, avoid things like greed and disputes

You must aim to be a saint, filled with faith and love, patient and gentle

Fight the good fight of the faith, and win for yourself eternal life

Be a constant witness to goodness and truth, like Jesus who spoke up as a witness for the truth in front of Pontius Pilate

Jesus, help me be a witness to goodness and truth


Chapter 6 (17 - 19)

Warn people who are rich in this world's goods that they are not to look down on others. Tell them not to set their hopes on money, but on God who, out of his riches, gives us all we need for happiness

Tell rich people to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will have a healthy account in the Bank of Heaven

Jesus, please help rich people do more to help poor people