Chapter 1 (1 - 4)

At various times in the past and in various different ways, God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets

But in our own time, he has spoken to us through his Son,
through whom he made everything.
He is the radiant light of God the Father's glory

He has sacrificed himself for sinners.
He has taken his place at the right hand of the Father.
He is far greater than any angel

Jesus, deepen my understanding of who you are


Chapter 2 (14 - 18)

The Son did not become an angel.
He became a man, so that he could die for us

By his death he took away the power of the devil

He himself experienced temptation.
He is able to help us when we are tempted

Jesus, please help me when I am tempted to do something wrong


Chapter 3 (1 - 13)

Focus on Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our religion.
He was faithful to the one who appointed him, just like Moses

Take care not to turn away from the living God.
Keep encouraging one another, so that sin does not cause you to turn away from God

Jesus, help me stay focused on you


Chapter 4 (12 - 16)

The word of God is something alive and active.
It goes deep into our hearts

In Jesus we have the supreme high priest who is now in the highest heaven. He knows how weak we are. He himself was tempted in every way, but did not sin

Let us be confident in approaching his throne of grace.
He will give us grace when we are in need of help

Jesus, our high priest, help me when I'm weak


Chapter 6 (11 - 19)

May every one of you persevere in your Christian life.
Never give up

Remember how Abraham persevered in following God, 
despite so many difficulties

Take a firm grip on the hope that is held out to us by God.
This hope is an anchor for us, a lifeline going right up to heaven

Jesus, you are my anchor. You are my lifeline


Chapter 7 (1 - 28)

Melchizedek was king of Salem and a priest of God. He blessed  Abraham.  Abraham gave Melchizedek 10% of all he had

Melchizedek's priesthood  continued down the ages in people dedicated to the service of God. It reached its perfection in the Son of God, the Eternal High Priest

The Son of God, our Lord, did not come from the priestly tribe of Levi. Everyone knows he came from the tribe of Judah

This is because he established a new priesthood, coming not from Levi, but from Melchizedek. This is why the prophecy was made of him "You are a priest of the order of Melchizedek, for ever"

Jesus' priestly power to save us is utterly certain, since he is living for ever to intercede for all who come to God through him

Jesus, Eternal High Priest, please help all pastors and priests be more like you every day


Chapter 8.9 - 9.14

Jesus' priesthood is part of the new covenant predicted in the Scriptures:

"See, the days are coming - it is the Lord who speaks - when I will establish a new covenant with the House of Israel"

Jesus has come as High Priest of all the blessings that were predicted would be part of the new covenant

He has offered not the blood of animals like priests of the old covenant, but his own blood, by which he won our redemption

His blood can purify our inner self from dead actions,
to help us in our life of dedication to the living God

Jesus, by your precious blood, purify my heart and protect me


Chapter 10 (21 - 25)

Jesus is the supreme High Priest of the whole house of God.
As we enter that house, let us have sincere hearts that are filled with faith and hope

Let us be concerned for each other,
encouraging each other to do good

Do not stay away from the meetings as some people do,
but encourage each other to attend

Jesus, may my life encourage others to do good


Chapter 10 (32 - 39)

Remember all the suffering you experienced after you became  Christians - the insults and violence, the loss of your possessions

Don't give up now. Keep going in your Christian life.

You and I are not the sort of people who give up.
We are the sort of people who stay faithful until our souls are saved

Jesus, help me keep going, despite difficulties


Chapter 11.1 - 12.15

Only faith can keep us going. Only faith helped Abraham and other famous people in the Scriptures to keep going

So many of them were weak people who were given strength by God, to be brave when life became difficult

With so many witnesses in a great cloud all around us, we too should keep running in the race we have started. We should get rid of everything that slows us down

Keep focusing on Jesus. He is running beside us. His example going to the cross gives us courage

Try to live at peace with everyone. Don't let any seed of bitterness begin to grown and make trouble. This can poison a whole community

Jesus, help me remember your presence in my heart


Chapter 12.18 - 13.6

Your ancestors were at Mount Sinai when God spoke to Moses

But you already have one foot in the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, where millions of angels gather in praise

So, continue to live a life of love and hospitality.
Keep in mind those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them

Keep your marriage undefiled. Avoid greed. Be content with what you have

Jesus, help me remember heaven....and people in prison


Chapter 13 (8 - 21)

Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday 
and as he will be for ever

Do not let yourselves be led astray by strange doctrines
that teach a different Jesus

Jesus died outside the city. Let us go to him and share his rejection.

Our life in this world is a temporary arrangement, like a tent. We look for a permanent home in the life to come

Keep doing good works and sharing your resources

God of peace, you brought  Jesus back from the dead to be our great Shepherd and Priest. Make me ready to do your will in any kind of good action